Prof. Gábor Prószéky


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Gábor Prószéky is CEO of MorphoLogic, a leading Hungarian language technology company and professor and vice dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Budapest). He graduated at the ELTE University both in software engineering and in general & applied linguistics. He holds a PhD (1994) in computational linguistics. In 2005 he received the title of Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Since his university years, he has been involved in more than thirty R&D projects in human language technologies (HLT), and computational and theoretical aspects of humanities. His research interest covers various aspects of computational analysis of highly inflectional languages, intelligent dictionaries and machine translation. Aside of more than 130 scientific publications mainly on HLT, he is the author of three comprehensive books on human language technologies.

Among others, he is the president of the Lexicographical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a Board Member of the European Language Resources Association and member of various international and national associations and committees.

In 1991, with software engineer colleagues working on human language technology applications, he founded MorphoLogic, the first language industry company in Hungary. Since then, MorphoLogic’s various applications have been licensed by Microsoft, IBM, Xerox, among others.

Gábor Prószéky has led MorphoLogic’s research and development in numerous language technology projects supported by the European Commission.


1999 MorphoLogic won the IST Prize of the European Commission.
2000 Gábor Prószéky received Hungary’s highest award, the Széchenyi Prize for his activities.
1995 Kalmár Award of the John von Neumann Computer Society
2002 IT Manager of the Year
2005 Brassai Award
2005 Award for the Hungarian IT
2009 IT Lecturer of the Year
2010 Dennis Gabor Award


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