MTA-PPKE Hungarian Language Technology Research Group

A research group established by the Hungarian Adaemy of Sciences and the Faculty of IT and Bionics of Pázmány Péter Catholic University  in 2012 for research and development in computational psycholinguistics

Nowadays natural language processing is one of the most remarkable achievments of computer science: the solutions of language technology support word processing, search engines, the interpretation of texts, the extraction of information and translation. However, these tasks cannot be solved without the thorough research of each language based on the aspects of information technology. In our case the primary language is Hungarian, which still lacks of comprehensive research on these aspects.

The intellectual and technical conditions of the research group are granted by two cooperating institutions, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Pázmány Péter Catholic University. The members are linguists, computer scientists and engineers, who can contribute to these researches with their knowledge embracing various areas of science.

Our current main project is a performance based, psycholinguistically motivated parsing system called AnaGramma.